Elizabeth's Platform For Murray's Schools

  1. Expand early childhood education, and quality on-site child care programs
  2. Expand K-6 language immersion programs
  3. Healthy school lunches, including whole grains and options for those with food allergies and dietary restrictions
  4. Smaller class sizes
  5. Start times after 8:30 a.m. for junior high & high school students
  6. Implementing teacher retention programs
  7. Supporting art and music programs
  8. Support for counselors, psychologists, and social workers in all schools, as well as peer counseling programs
  9. Expanding tech classes (teaching kids to code, etc.)
  10. Goal of 100% of high school students earning an associate’s degree with a high school diploma
  11. Increase certifications, apprenticeships, and internships
  12. Reinstate school busses with comprehensive drop off plans for all schools
  13. Expand magnet schools and gifted and talented programs
  14. Expand community education classes
  15. Address issues with Common Core by holding parent-night math classes and by supporting parents who wish to opt their children out of high stakes testing
  16. IEPs (Individualized Education Programs) for all: Individualized learning plans based on interest and ability
  17. Embracing student diversity
  18. Supporting environmental programs at each school including composting, recycling, gardening, turning off all possible electronics over the weekends and long breaks, solar installation, idle-free
  19. Implementing "share tables" to reduce food waste
  20. Offering 21st Century "life skills" courses